Thoughts on Love, Death + Robots

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Overall, the series had great animation and is worth watching for that alone. The episodes varied A LOT in quality, but that’s to be expected with different characters, animators, and writers throughout. Some of the episodes were really enjoyable and/or impressive. I tried to compile a list vaguely in order of how much I liked each episode. My main critique of the series as a whole is its questionable, sometimes unsettling or offensive, handling of female characters. I would consider myself aware, but not generally sensitive about that type of thing, so the fact that it stood out to me might mean people who are put-off by that would be best avoiding at least certain episodes in the series.

When the Yogurt Took Over

Loved this one. Very cute story with a little bit of existential terror thrown in. Also, the only short in the series by a female writer.

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Zima Blue

Highly recommend this one! Great animation style a la Samurai Jack on steroids. Pretty unique use of narrative storytelling, and some great references to the fine art world, which should be especially fun for anybody who has studied contemporary art or art history.

Three Robots

Cute. Light and funny, many of the jokes are really well written and delivered.

Lucky 13

Really well done! Probably the only episode that successfully pulled off a strong female lead.

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Unique world and good character development. Wasn’t my cup of tea, personally, but I would still recommend this one.

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Sonnie’s Edge

Great art style. Some really sweet action scenes if you’re into that. Well rounded and engaging story. Strange, condescending representation of the main character. Warnings: Super graphic, violence towards women.

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The Dump

Cool idea. Nicely executed. Would recommend.

Alternate Histories

Some funny parts. Nicely done, just didn’t wow me.

Sucker of Souls

This one was pretty cool. I’m conflicted on whether to recommend it…

Good Hunting

Nice art style. I really liked the first few minutes of it. Warnings: Violence against women, extreme objectification.

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Beyond the Aquila Rift

This one was well done. Definitely a mind fuck. Recommended as long as you like feeling psychologically terrified. Not my cup of tea, but I appreciate the effort that went into it.

Ice Age

I was bored watching this, but it did have some cool visuals and has Topher Grace in it.

Fish Night




The Witness

Really liked the art style for this one. The plot felt really recycled to me. Warnings: Sexualized violence, objectification.


Pass. I originally forgot to include this one in the review, which pretty much sums up my feelings about it.

The Secret War

Pass. Warnings: lots of gore.

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Helping Hand


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