Happy Birthday, Ben!!

Woohoo! You made it! You have completed your quest! Congratulations, and welcome to the glorious age of 29. Did you know all the best people are 29 years old? The list includes celebrities such as Taylor Swift and also Molly.

Super Mario Bros 3 also came out the year you were born! Let that sink in.

I wasn’t sure what to get you, and I don’t currently have the free time I would like to make you something that would feel truly special, soooooo…I have backed a couple of little Kickstarters for you. These seemed like things you probably don’t know about but might enjoy!

The first one is called Empyrean Investigations. It is a paperback series of dnd 5e detective themed adventures. I know you have been wanting to try a small campaign, and this one ships in April 2020, so that seemed like far enough away that you might actually have time/desire to dm. The theme seemed pretty unique and really fun; I’d definitely be excited to play.

View the Kickstarter here.

The second one is called Book of Travels: A serene online RPG. They are calling it a TMORPG–Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG. Adorable. But in all seriousness the art looks really amazing and unique–it’s a hand-painted 3D environment, and the game sounded like it definitely has potential to be groundbreaking, or at least special. Launches for PC October 2020. There is a nice article about it by pcgamer.com

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